Test Your Musical Ear

Hello and welcome to the musical ear test!

Objective evaluation of the musical ear is not an obvious thing, the reason being its multi-functional nature. And as it takes part in everything we do in music, each aspect of the ear’s work influences the overall result.

Here is what his test measures : 

  • the control of your auditory attention
  • your sensitivity as related to sound
  • the general ear accuracy 
  • some specific absolute pitch activities: like pitch color discrimination and recall
  • the use of your intuitive ear and the short term musical memory


These functions form the very basis of your musical hearing, thus of the rapidness of your musical thought. Consequently, they define your overall performance.

This all might sound rather serious and it is, yet, do not panic :)

This test is unusual. The tasks at hand (at ear more like) will be different from those in ear training or music theory classes and we will not test your ear training level or instrument proficiency. 
So relax physically (some light stretches and a few calm breaths just before going will do very well) and answer the questions by simply following your external, internal, and intuitive ear.

Good luck!

Katja Keller 

P.S. On a practical level:

  1. Test takes 15-25 minutes.
  2. Test contains 21 questions.
  3. To perform the test properly, make sure your speakers are turned on and adjust the volume to a comfortable and sufficient level.
  4. Your results will never be shared with any third parties.
  5. Your answers will be analysed and you will get the results by email.